Copier Machine Canon ir 3300

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Fixing Unit

Canon IR3300 Fixing Unit function of fusing the toner on the paper permanently.

Fixing unit is working in 180°C heating temperature,because toner particals are melting on the paper is very high temparatureie(180°C).Fixing Unit is not working means A4,A4R, B5,LGL papers are like a white paper only not a printing letters on the paper.

Our technical people work at component level .

Our technical Engineers are attended the problem means only changing the damaged spare parts of (Bottom Roller,flim,flament,pressure Roller)only.It is not changing the full fixing assembly ,the IR3300 fixing unit is properly working part of the section including is

  • Heater section
  • Rollers
  • paper sensing mechanism
  • fixing unit2 fixing unit1