• If you investment 20% in our USP(Unique selling point) product you got 80% profit.
  • Our machine are surely working fine five years
  • Our machine import from advanced rich country only(USA,Europe,Australia,unitedkingdom,frenze,Sweden,Norway,North America,Canada)
  • Above mentioned countries are followed OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturers).That means maintanence and full controlled by required brand company canon,Xerox,Konica Minolta,hp,etc
  • Rich countries maintanence machine are same as to new brand
  • We are import a quality machine only
  • Please note that only selected machine are imported from ecnomicaly rich countries and the machine are always A grade
  • Rich countries can do financial support and banking facilities for customer(Ms office,hp,HCL,etc)
  • Bankers once the five years agreement is finish they replace the old machine to next advance model
  • This is routine job for bankers
  • For example 3300 machine new brand price should be three lakh but here we offered 20% of investment only
  • Canon manufacturing 3300 machine can take ten lakh copies but in USA they take only two lakh copies remaining eight lakh copies for you for next five years once you purchase machine from us
  • We are hundred percentage sure that our machine life should be residual life 70-80% at just 20% of investment
  • We offered eight lakh copies for next five years

As a fast paced company faced with high growth potential.We are always looking for additional members to join our team.Our employees are critical to our success and work together in creating an environment that is productive and rewarding.If you have any experience in logistics,warehousing,electronics recycling or have worked in the Sri Venkateshwara Reprographics.

Our vision is to be the company that provides the best service and have fully satisfied customers.

Our professionally qualified engineers make their best effort to provide the high quality service to all our customers.

Within a short span of time SVR has managed to build a customer base of 1000 with a very high customer retention.,

At SVR our well experienced Service engineer have a wealth of knowledge in printer services and will offer the complete range of services to meet your printing needs.

We offer a comprehensive service on site and we will take the stress out of maintaining the printers, whether it is print related problems on an individual printer or the whole company print solution.

If you’re serious about the future and thinking about moving into digital print, or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, SVR Graphics offers the most dynamic investment in new technology you could make.

With the widest range of printers available in the market place, and an unmatched range of value-added services and solutions, we will help you grow and develop your business profitably.

As you would expect from the Tamilnadu's No.1 Canon ‘Production’ importer, we understand your company’s needs and goals, and will show you how to painlessly combine existing production methods with the new way forward in print, without compromising cost or quality.