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Sri Venkateshwara Reprographics

The Sri VenkateshwaraReprographics(SVR) support certain key functions to enhance the effectiveness and the technical quality of the engineering services provided. It operates through scores of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The primary function of the SVR is to

  • Establish industry standard IES processes
  • Conduct periodic technical reviews
  • Furnish technology support to the teams
The standard processes give guidelines to implement projects covering change process, value engineering, reliability, design studies, CAE, safety, risk assessment, Six Sigma, DFSS, lean process, green and the likes.
The technical review of the projects ensures cross-checking of Statement of Work (SOW) and scope, data, assumptions, approach, formulation and model, result, conclusions, validation, documentation, certification requirement etc.

Sri Venkateshwara Reprographics (SVR) Technology Support is offered for the following at Tech Mahindra:

  • Mentoring teams
  • Developing center of excellences (COEs).
  • Conducting training in special topics in engineering.
  • Developing engineering database and tips.
  • Conducting and participating seminars.
  • Enforcing academy interactions.
  • Promoting sponsored research.
  • Thinking innovation.
  • Promoting organizational and individual accreditation
These functions are executed through a crew of SMEs, each one covering a distinct engineering discipline. A typical SME has over 30 years of industry experience and absolute familiarity over IES functions.

Our Services

Sri Venkateshwara Reprographics has proven capabilities to provide a wide range of services, offering an end-to-end turnkey solution in the reverse logistics space. All solutions are customized and designed specifically to meet the clientís needs. A typical solution is designed after meeting with the client to understand their current process and ideas are reviewed to bring about efficiency.

A SVR Graphics is identified through the following phases:
Phase 1: Understanding Client needs and identifying opportunities
Phase 2: Developing and Designing a Solution
Phase 3: Kickoff with a Pilot Program
Phase 4: Validate increased efficiencies and cost savings
Phase 5: Implementation

Solutions can be as simple as 3rd party warehousing or as elaborate as a complete turnkey process.


Sri Venkateshwara Reprographics maintains relationships with tightly held independent freight carriers as well as larger nationwide van lines. This network has been developed throughout the years and allow for logistics coverage throughout Tamilnadu. Pick-up processes and removal techniques have been defined through continuous improvement in order to provide the highest quality of transportation service at a competitive price. The company has a dedicated logistics team responsible for coordinating and scheduling on-site removal. Due to the large volume size processed,SVR offers competitive pricing for all types of pick-ups. Large and small trucks are available for any quantities.


With facilities located throughout Tamilnadu, SVR provides comprehensive warehouse and storage solutions catered specifically to the office imaging and information technology hardware industries. Services include Equipment Audit, Inventory Management, and Storage.

Equipment Audit

Trained and certified technicians conduct a rigorous test and audit program including:

  • Copier Test
  • Accessory Test
  • Meter recording
  • Serial number verification
  • Cosmetic condition
Results of the audit are captured through our in-house developed database system. .Detailed audit reports capture all information from the audit including: configuration, performance, and condition. Based on the audit results, the SVR team can provide guidance in optimizing the best possible disposition method, whether it is to be remarketed, re-deployed, or environmentally scrapped.
Reporting is a crucial element of the process and our professionals know how important accuracy is in relation to your companyís compliance. Our team is dedicated to service and committed to providing the best quality.

Inventory Management

Management of used equipment is not an easy task and based on our experience throughout the years, we have developed a process incorporating wireless technology and bar coding for every asset that comes through one of our warehouses.The in-house developed database system assigns a home to every asset that we receive based on the specifications, weight, etc. Essentially, our warehouse operates as a hotel for pre-owned equipment!

Inventory is securely stored in racks with bar coded locations. Each unit is individually wrapped and sent out via a pick, pack, and ship process.


Along with effective inventory control, SVR offers Refurbishing and Parts Reclamation services.

Under the Refurbishment program, certified technicians follow a comprehensive test program that is scaled based on the clientís necessities. A technical services area of the warehouse is dedicated to this activity. Refurbished equipment is shipped out to Client designated sites.

Certain machines can be de-manufactured for parts reclamation and re-use. Damaged machines may have working parts in perfect condition and these provide as a great replacement for equipment under warranty or contract.


SVR Graphics primary area of expertise is in the re-sale or remarketing of used office equipment. Throughout the years, the company has developed a large distribution network, creating a reputation that allows for value maximization. A full force Domestic and International sales team provides customer service and technical support.

Data Eradication

Digital photocopiers have data storage capabilities that retain information. It is possible that every single document copied, printed, or scanned might be stored in the copierís hard drive. Even an image of a copied or scanned document might be stored. Copier hard drives are in many ways no different from computer hard drives. They require complete data cleansing prior to release from the current user.

The information is stored within memory locations such as the copier hard drive, IP address, fax address book, email address book, and mailboxes. Additionally, in some hard drives with system software and image data, information cannot be erased unless data is removed appropriately.

SVR Grapihcs data eradication services follow OEM guidelines and have been developed over time. Complete data destruction services are also available, with certification, if required

About our Career

For over 30 years, SVR Graphics has designed and installed innovative solutions that consistently perform well in real world situations. With our experience, and attention to customer satisfaction, we believe that SVR is well prepared to service your organizationís individual requirements.

SVR Graphics specializes in Fixed Asset scanning, Stockroom/ Warehouse scanning and Photo ID printing systems that interface with many popular Financial and HR Student Management Software applications for the Public Sector. We also market many stand-alone scanning and printing systems for various applications.

SVR Graphics is a full service systems integrator specializing in creating and selecting software, supplies, procedures and hardware for automated data acquisition and data management. We have built our reputation by developing and marketing reliable and cost effective data collections systems designed to work in conjunction with your organizationís current software applications.